I’ve always loved being creative. I started playing piano when I was seven and then bass guitar as a teenager. I worked in sales and recruitment for 17 years and hated the monotony of each day. By night I played in bands and photographed musicians.

One day I made the decision to go for it. I sold my car, bought a low-light lens and started photographing live music and actors. I moved on to shooting events and portraits and everything else in between.

Every day, every brief, every client is different and I love the challenge of working with people and creating images that are exciting and unique. However, I am still a part time musician!


Studio: I have a fully equipped photography studio in Summerhall, an exciting arts venue with a café, changing facilities and on-street parking in the centre of Edinburgh.

Location: I work on location, using natural light and/or portable studio lights. I have a portable studio with a white backdrop for events and conferences. I also offer onsite editing and printing for events.

Tethered: During a shoot, the photographs can be instantly displayed on a computer screen,so you can control, direct and edit the images as we go along. Essential for fashion photography and useful for product photography and other shoots as well.

Press: I can provide immediate turn-around for images required on the same day.

Team: For large events, I can provide a team of excellent freelance photographers who I regularly work with.

Consultations: I offer free advice if you have any questions about a shoot or would like to discuss a complicated brief that requires planning.

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