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I know that getting photos right for media is a high priority for any performer. Whether you’re in the ‘biz’ or trying to get in it, get in touch as I’ve shot hundreds of actors, presenters and DJs. You’ll receive professional direction to create industry standard shots and first impressions count, so give casting directors what they’re after – you!
For £125+vat you will receive all of your head shots on a CD/DVD/secure download link in black & white, Colour, or a mix of both (see below). You’ll also receive your favourites edited for Spotlight, Casting Call Pro, your agent and so on. All edited photos will be cropped to the standard 10×8 as required by the industry with your name on the lower part of the shot if you prefer.  If you don’t like the final result, we re-shoot, for free.

Casting Call Pro mailed all members at the beginning of November  2011 -:
At the start of next week (Monday 7th November) the headshot system on Casting Call Pro will be changing.
Until now we’ve only allowed actors with professional, BLACK & WHITE, headshots to make applications on the system, appear in search results and generally interact with our service.
From next week we’ll start allowing actors with professional, COLOUR headshots to make applications and appear in search results.
We’ve done this following consultation with the casting directors, production companies and employers using our service, the majority of whom no longer require only black and white headshots but would welcome the use of colour headshots.
As before we will continue to require that all members have a PROFESSIONALLY-TAKEN HEADSHOT to appear in search results. This means we’ll continue to exclude full-length shots, video stills and pictures taken in the local pub!
Accepting colour headshots does not exclude people from using or uploading black and white headshots – our members are still welcome to do this and you are most welcome to upload either style at anytime.

A session lasts anything from 30mins to an hour and results are guaranteed.
Bring a few different tops that work for you and if going for the traditional Black & White shot, please bring a black round-neck T-shirt.

10X8 inch prints are priced at £15 each and are an optional extra and by no means required. Digital is ample.

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